Sikhala Claims Demo Victory

In hiding, MDC Alliance Deputy National Chairperson and Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala has surprisingly claimed victory for today’s failed anti-corruption demonstration saying the no-show protest was part of the grand plan to bring the country into total shutdown.

In a three minute thirty four seconds audio recording circulating on social media, Sikhala said government played according to their scheming by enforcing a total shutdown on movement across the country which was part of the organisers’ plan.

“They thought we were going to express ourselves according to their prescription. Today we have shown, we great Zimbabweans, that we are people who can’t be taken for granted. We are more sophisticated than the oppressor,”

“We have two clear plans when we have been calling for this action on the 31st of July. The first one was that if citizens are able to express themselves on the streets so be it. Second one was an expectation that the state will unleash its massive military arsenal against the citizens then the citizens will successfully retreat into their homes,” an excited Sikhala said.

Government banned the demonstration citing the action was against efforts to curb Covid-19 pandemic.

Across major cities and towns today, state security details mainly soldiers and the police flooded the streets, enforcing a total lockdown, a move widely seen as meant to crush protests.

This also came at a time there have been heavy military presence on the streets enforcing Covid-19 restrictions which only saw numbers beefed up days leading to today s planned protests.

Despite Sikhala’s victory sentiments pretty much confusing, the firebrand politician vowed not to “retreat” until they achieve intended results.

“We are going to give a review of the situation this weekend. We are going to give you a way forward by Monday. We can not retreat and it must remain protracted until we have achieved and obtained our results,” he added.

Opposition forces led by the incacerated Jacob Ngarivhume organised today’s protest against worsening corruption levels in the country but the state reacted heavily by publicising a police wanted list with Sikhala, Obey Sithole, Godfrey Tsenengamu, and many others most of whom are in hiding.

Analysts have however been skeptical of today’s demonstration during the build up, citing lack of clear intentions which was likely to frustrate public by-in.

In January last year, the labor body, ZCTU organised a national shutdown that was resulted in massive looting and destruction of property worth millions of dollars.

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