Side Netting — MatchDay 15

I was accused of lazy writing last week. Apparently I shitted on a few teams and some people were mad. I am sorry no one cares about your team (ehem ehem City fans). Let me live, I am just a guy!!!🤷‍♂️

UTD should’ve won, Chelsea got shitted on by Arsenal, City beat Newcastle (Big Surprise), Big Sam Masterclass, and Mourinho shows himself to just be a more expensive Big Sam.

UTD v Leicester: This was a really good game for the neutral. Rashford should really do better with his finishing. Missing a header from point blank range, missing one on one with the goalie. He is responsible for UTD not winning this game. Harsh? Sure it is, but at this level he needs to be burying those chances. Leicester didn’t have many chances like that, but the ones they had they took. Jamie Vardy, one chance one goal, that’s what makes you elite. Rashford is NOT elite. I will tell you who is though, Bruno Fernandes. Assist and a goal. Without this guy UTD would be a shit show. In the end it took Cavani, again, to come off the bench and show Rashford how to be efficient and creative. I feel like UTD lost a big chance to really put the pressure on Liverpool, they do have a game in hand and a few players who on their day can beat any team. Can they remain consistent enough?

Chelsea v Arsenal: Any Arsenal fan who thought they would actually win this game was LYING to you, or was just deluded. But what do you know, the Gunners showed up, and showed up big. It feels good to WIN, I have not felt this feeling for like 8 weeks. First things first Arteta is NOT a genius, he was forced to play the kids coz Willian, Luiz, Gabriel where out due to Covid. Those kids showed up though, funny what some youth and hunger can give a team. Chelsea looked really really ordinary. Werner had a shocker and was taken off and half time. Havertz didn’t even start. Only real threat was Pulisic, but when you play with f****g Tammy Abraham, you are not going to get much done. Now lets not get it twisted, as shit as Chelsea was, Arsenal has done this before and went on to lose like 5 games in a row. This win means f**k all if they don’t win against Brighton and Westbrom in the next couple games. For Chelsea, they’ve struggled against teams in the top 6 and now they are struggling against teams in the relegation zone LOL 🤭. This is NOT good for Fat Frank. For Arsenal, Arteta keeps his job another few days.

City v Newcastle: Do I really have to write about this? City WON. Yaaaay. This was like the most routine win of wins. Newcastle are straight garbage. They offer absolutely nothing going forward. I mean with Joelinton in your front line what are you expecting. City looked like they were at a training session. Passed Newcastle off the pitch and missed a number of good chances they should’ve put away. And the fact they were not even fussed about the chances they missed, I mean they knew they would get more chances. Gondugun has been in good form for City, sure he divides opinion, but he is a dynamic player who can get up and down the pitch, which is something you need in the EPL. City are creeping up the table, I don’t think they will catch Liverpool though. What’s with this Aguero on the bench shit going on?

Liverpool : Sam Allardyce is a legend. Apparently he has a good record at Anfield. First, Sadio Mane, what a goal? After that it was a lot of Liverpool huffing and puffing trying to get a second goal. Westbrom were playing a 5–5–0 formation. NO STRIKER. Basically they gave Liverpool the ball and gambled that they would get a set piece or something to get back in the game. Gamble paid off, Big Sam pulled it off. For Liverpool it’s a chance lost to put daylight between themselves and the rest of the league. I still think they will be the most consistent over the course of the season, but it might a little closer than they want it to be. In any case of the Liverpool rah rah boys can tone down their rhetoric for a couple days at least.

Spurs: Is anyone else tired of Mourinho football. Damn it, it’s a terrible brand of soccer to watch. Scores one goal in the first minute of the game and proceeds to pull a Sam Allardyce and park the bus, WTF. With the players he has, he really should be playing some forward thinking soccer. Kane and Son after a really hot start to the season are looking quite ordinary again. It’s not like he is playing against a top 6 side, he is playing WOLVES!!! Get your head out your ass and play some football. Wolves aka (Portugal) persisted and punished Mourinho for his negative football. Sp*rs are looking like a dud right now and are in a little bit of a rut. What can Mou do to turn it around? Coz right now, the rest of the league have figured Sp*rs out.

Power Rankings:

  1. Liverpool — Disappointing draw considering the amount possession they had.
  2. Everton — Ok, ugly win but they keep trucking. City of Liverpool killing it this year.
  3. Leicester — Just edging UTD here. I think in the UTD will finish above em.
  4. UTD — Honestly OGS might be putting something nice together here.
  5. City — First time in the Power rankings, they edge Mourinho and his shit Sp*rs team here.
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