Side Netting — Match Day 16–17

Happy New Year to the 6 people that actually read this little blog🤭 . I appreciate the support though, and hopefully your 2021 is a little better than the shit show that was 2020.

UTD serious title contenders? Arsenal win 3 in a row; Fat Frank to be sacked? City finally hitting top gear. And LiVARpool, oh NO!

Let’s start with Chelsea, they got shit on a couple weeks ago by a terrible Arsenal, and now City have done the same, only more dominant. Chelsea have looked terrible. One time considered League contenders they are now Pre-Christmas Arsenal. Lamps spent 200 Million on this squad, names like Werner, Havertz, Ziyech, Thiago, Chilwell. Let’s be real they really haven’t showed up. Now besides Havertz (he’s straight GARBAGE), all the other players did not go bad overnight. Has to be Frank, right!? I mean with the tools at his disposal, Top 4 is a minimum requirement. He was arrogant against Arsenal and then who plays City and tries to go toe to toe with them. Werner has not scored in like 8 or 9 games now, and you have a striker in Giroud who is on a hot streak and he sits on the bench the WHOLE game. Ambramovich is on the phone right now with Allegri. If Frank loses and draws another couple games he is a dead man walking.

Arsenal have had a great festive period. From #ArtetaOut to now #ArtetaIN, they have gone and won 3 games in a row. Have beaten a sliding Chelsea, Brighton and then ran riot against WestBrom. Ok so the last 2 are relegation fodder and the Gunners should be winning those games. But before the Chelsea win, the Gunners could not buy a win. And lets not forget Westbrom drew with City and Liverpool, so have that same energy when Arsenal batter them. For Arsenal the energy of the youngsters has done wonders for the team. Saka is probably one of the best young players in the league. And where the hell did Smith Rowe come from. It’s sad when a 19 year old is showing a $72 million Pepe how to carry a team. Whatever Arteta is doing he needs to keep it up. Arsenal have a long way to go, that squad is still terrible and it’s still the same players there who will let the manager down. But for Gunners fans right now, ENJOY getting back to winning ways.

Sp*rs after a few blips and criticism of Mou’s playing style, they finally came out and played some attacking football. Kane and Son doing their thing again. I don’t think they are title contenders. Good squad, but I think Mourinho cares more about NOT losing than he does about WINNING. Inevitably Sp*rs are more likely to be just another Top 4 side than an actual title contender.

City — let me show some love to the billionaire boys. It’s taken em a while but they are looking like they are getting back up to something like a 100%. And that is scary for the rest of league. City have one of the best defenses right now, and couple that with them returning to goal scoring form against Chelsea, and you can see why they might be Liverpool’s rivals AGAIN this season. Is Aguero 100%, I am kinda tired of seeing him on the bench. They need a striker. Having said that, they ripped Chelsea a new one in the first half. It could have been 5 or 6 in the first half. They went into cruise control in the second, and you get the feeling if they wanted to, could’ve gone into 5th gear at anytime. And them Brazilian party boys lol. Did they not get the memo that we are in a Pandemic. Oh, that includes Kyle Walker too SMH 🤦‍♂️. Come on guys, we don’t need the EPL postponed again. DO BETTER!

So the rah rah UTD boys are back. F**k my life, they are loud AF. Fair play though UTD have looked pretty good. The one big flaw in UTD is their dependence on Bruno. Now I have seen some good players, but I have never really seen a player who on his own has transformed the fortunes of a team. Bruno is involved in everything good at UTD. His goals and assists are on another level. I am not sure even KDB reached some of these stats. As Bruno goes so does UTD. God forbid an injury gets him, Utd’s season would be in jeopardy. Now before the peanut gallery starts talking shit, I am not saying Bruno is Messi or Ronaldo, but for what he is doing for this UTD team he has been nothing short of amazing. Shit, even Pogba has started to show up. For whatever reason even with Martial and Rashford, I still think UTD need a REAL striker. I suppose that is what Cavani is for, but his dumb ass went and posted some stupid shit on social media and is banned for 3 games. UTD have the players to hurt any team on their day, but can they remain consistent. Either way #Ole’sAtTheWheel.

Liverpool- Have been shakey of late to say the least. They haven’t scored a goal in 3 games I think. Been a bit of a shitty Holiday season for them. And this latest loss to Southampton shows how lucky Liverpool have been with injuries the last 2 seasons. No VVD, No Matip, No Jota, and suddenly they can be got at. Hendo and Fabinho started at CB, WTF!! Is it a coincidence Liverpool scoring has dried up since Jota got injured? Asking for a friend 🤭. Ok, so every team goes through a slump, Arsenal had a giant slump, Chelsea have just dived into theirs and I guess Liverpool is going through one as well. wasn’t Thiago supposed to be the guy who broke down the low block teams setup against Liverpool? Guess not! He looked a little slow and played so deep he didn’t really affect the play. Both City and UTD must be celebrating this loss. Throws the title race WIDE open now, and Liverpool don’t look so invincible any more. Their fans will simmer down this week and eat a little humble pie. Did Ox come out the game uninjured? Again, asking for a friend!

Power Rankings

  1. Liverpool — Struggling for form right now. Barely clinging on to #1
  2. UTD — Game in hand, top of the table, what can I say? I almost had them as #1 based on form.
  3. Leicester — Every time I think I am going to bury Brandon Rodgers he pulls one out
  4. City — Pip Sp*rs for me just based on form and who I think will be more consistent. Watch out, they are back.
  5. Sp*rs — One win they are back in. Kane and Son the usual suspects

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