Shuramurove Speaks Out

Afro-fusion artiste Chenjerai Mavhiki popularly known in entertainment circles as Shuramurove has attributed his ‘success’ to sheer hard work and persistence.

By Tendai Guvamombe

With two albums under his belt, only the sky can be the limit for the Norton based musician.

“My albums have managed to introduce my music to the outside world. I am humbled with the appreciation I am getting from the fans,” said the soft spoken 42-year-old Shuramurove.

The musician believes that artistes’ role is to mirror what is happening in society.

“The power of voice lies in the ability to sing a song whose message finds a public ear, this requires creative writing, and an artist should be able to dance his own song,” he said.

Mavhiki said it was important for artistes to do a background check on the needs of fans before releasing an album.

“An artist has to think of his fans first before deciding on releasing music product, this is what enhances them to fall in love with your product; the main reason why some talented artists find it difficult to make it is the exclusion of vision in their art work,” he said.

While some go to music colleges to master the craft of singing, Shuramurove believes that he was born with the gift of singing.

‘’I started singing during my formative years, however, the love to use instruments grew during my teen years. I would make tin guitars and plastic drums and since then music became the DNA of my life,” he said.

Among his career highlights is when veteran musician Leonard Zhakata featured on his song Africa off his debut album in 2016.

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