Shadaya:“I am red pilled Neo”

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

By Marshall Bwanya

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes,”are the words from the character Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne)  to Neo (Keenu Reeves) in the blockbuster trilogy franchise Matrix.

The plot of the franchise series revolves around the technological fall of man, were machines with artificial intelligence have imprisoned mankind in a virtual reality (dreamland), called the Matrix.

In this iconic scene of the first instalment of the Matrix franchised released in 1999, the red pill represents the ugly truth, being awoke, that would free Neo from the enslaving control of a dream world into the real world.

While on the other hand the blue pill represents a beautiful mental prison, that would lead Neo back in the path of ignorance and bliss within simulated reality of the Matrix.

Neo eventually took the red pill to be awoke and free his mind from the machine simulated dream created by artificial intelligence.

Savage, unbridled, and outspoken socialite Tawona Shadaya this week on Zimpapers TV Network (ZTN) livestream claimed he also took the red pill and was ‘awoke’ when questioned by journalist Robert Mukondiwa about his critical comments about women on Tweeter.

Shadaya argued that society had created a virtual reality that was keeping everyone ignorant about the ugly truth about the ‘real world.’

The controversial socialite Shadaya said by virtue of being a red pilled he had unlearnt the ways of the modern world and no longer subscribed to the tenets of feminism and gender equality.

“The red pill is unlearning everything you thought you knew, you’ve been lied to ever since you were a little kid up to this age.

“Its now time to do some digging for the real truth that is what the red pill is about,”he said.

When asked by Journalist Robert Mukondiwa what he has become by unlearning everything and subscribing to the red pill philosophy, Shadaya responded:

“I have been liberated person, I do not conform or abide by the made up rules of society, men are polygamous by nature, so why should we judge them for that, whereas women are different.

“Men are never going to be satisfied with one woman its in their biology, women were created to pair a bond. That’s why we judge women more harshly than women when it comes to sex, women are the gate keepers of sex while men are the gate keepers of commitment.

“If you as a woman end up sleeping with more than one man what does that say about your value,” he said.

Of course comments coming from women and male feminists watching the livestream on ZTN were both skeptical and critical about Shadaya controversial statements branding him as a hateful male chauvinist displaying misogynistic and bigoted tendencies.

They felt it unreasonable and unjustifiable for Shadaya to sanitize male dominance and infidelity while he harshly castigated women empowerment and infidelity.

One Facebook user W Angelle Hofah argued: “Who made them gatekeepers?” questioning Shadaya’s claim that women are gatekeepers of sex.

Facebook user Daphne Magadi alleged Shadaya was broken because his female figures had hurt him badly.

Daphne Magadi further said: “So do you blame women if one man has let them down? How about women who are raped?

“You seem to take it upon yourself to judge even those you don’t know personally,” she said.

The controversial Shadaya however, dismissed the claims that his crude behavior was broken-heart induced arguing that everyone at some point in life had their hearts broken.

Shadaya defended his previous name calling exploits on Twitter saying:

“Why should one be nice, a nice person means you put others before you.

“In life you should put yourself first,” he said.

Shadaya claimed his enlightenment made him return to the African roots of patriarchy, arguing that men and women are not equal

The outspoken socialite argued he retained his freedom of expression and freedom of conscience from his new found red pill philosophy.

When quizzed by Mukondiwa if he found offense in being labeled a misogynist Shadaya responded:

“I wouldn’t fight people that call me a misogynist, nowadays people come up with funny names if they do not describe people who do not subscribe to their nonsense

” So I wouldn’t take offense to that,” he said.

Despite his harsh crude attacks on women and feminism Shadaya’s followership on Twitter and other social media platforms continues to grow, and only time will tell if he will maintain his patriarchal beliefs.

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