‘September Was Characterised By Deepening Political Crisis’

The Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) says the month of September was characterised by incidences of deepening political crisis in the country.

In its monthly report for September titled Elite discohesion in Zanu -PF: History repeating itself? The think tank organisation said arbitrary arrests and clampdown on dissent were testimonies to the deepening crisis in the country.

“The period under review was characterised by the continued prevalence of evidence pointing to a case of deepening political crisis in Zimbabwe. Examples include arbitrary arrest and state clampdown on dissent, inconsistencies in government policy pronouncements and corruption by people close to the top ranks of power.

“On political crisis, the country witnessed a visit by the African National Congress (ANC) delegation from South Africa. The delegation, however, missed an opportunity to meet various Zimbabwean political parties and leaders from various public entities. Amid all this, ZANU-PF internal fissures continue to spill over to the public, demonstrating serious elite contradictions in the ruling party” noted the report

ZDI said the denial by Government that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe is a useless attempt by the regime.

“The denial by ZANU-PF-led government that Zimbabwe has no crisis is increasingly becoming a futile attempt and losing grip as international actors seem to be confronting the Harare regime head on. The country continues to face a hyperinflationary environment, state clampdown on dissent and government policy contradictions. The ANC delegation visit to Harare seemed to have infuriated the Zimbabwean authorities as indicated by vitriol that was directed to South Africa’s ANC by ZANU-PF top officials,”

The institute called upon the Government tom accept the current political crisis and establish procedures that guarantee democratic legitimacy in the country.


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