Senior Doctors Vow To Continue Striking Until Demands Are Met

Senior doctors have vowed to keep pressing the government for better working conditions and improved salaries and will not return to work until those demands are met.

This is despite the return to work by junior doctors albeit without adequate medical supplies which continue to put the medical delivery system into a quandary.

Senior Hospital Doctors Association (SHDA) spokesperson, Aaron Musara said the government has no solution to the incapacitation of doctors and hospitals and until that solution is found, the impasse will continue.

“The hospitals remain incapacitated. Shortages of drugs and sundries and broken down equipment still remain a challenge. The flexi hours system for nurses and other staff still exists unaltered and yet we have made it very clear this has been killing patients,” said Dr Musara.

Senior health workers downed tools late last year in solidarity with their juniors who had gone for almost three months on industrial action.

In the last dialogue, Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo said the government would not sway from its initial position that it would not negotiate further.

Since early last year hospitals have been turning away patients as they are operating below capacity.

The medical professionals want their salaries increased, machinery availed, the termination of flexi hours system for nurses and other hospital staff, among other demands.

SHDA has, however, maintained that they will not return to work unless their demands are met.

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