Seek Treatment Locally, MDC Tells Zim Political Leaders

The opposition Movement of Democratic Change (MDC) has urged top government leaders to seek medical attention locally as that will force them to improve the country’s dilapidated healthcare system.

In a press release earlier today, the MDC Secretary for Health and Child Welfare, Dr Henry Madzorera accused government of unilaterally withdrawing citizens’ right to life and health through its acts of commission and omission.

“Our healthcare delivery system used to be the envy of the sub-region, and with a little paradigm shift in our leadership we can regain that status to the benefit of all, rich and poor.

“Doctors are living way below the poverty datum line; and yet are expected to render what the regime labels as an essential service.

“What worries the ordinary man in the street is that government has been given adequate notice by the doctors to improve their conditions of service, both personal and institutional, to avert a human resources crisis in healthcare; yet there seems to be no urgency on the part of the illegitimate regime to address the very genuine grievances of the doctors,” said Madzorera.

He added that the equity gap continues to widen as the rich and powerful elite continue to squander the scarce national resources on treatment outside our boarders, while local healthcare institutions continue to be death traps because of gross under-funding.

Doctors have officially begun their job action after issuing a notice to government last week.

Government is yet to act on the situation with most doctors saying they did not report for work today.

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