Saved in the nick of time from Cyclone Chalane

As it did other locations, Cyclone Idai left a trail of destruction as it passed through Chikwaka Village in Chimanimani District. Now, less than two years later, Cyclone Chalane threatened to cause more damage to the some of the homes and property that were yet to be repaired.

A group of volunteers from Chikwaka village, that has been restoring infrastructure in their community, has been working around the clock to repair roofs and walls damaged by Cyclone Idai. The group of made up skilled, semi-skilled and novice artisan men and women targets this assistance towards households with the vulnerable such as widows, orphans and the very poor.

To date, they have restored roofing on over 114 houses in Chimanimani. As a result, when Cyclone Chalane passed through the region at the end of 2020, these households were saved from further loss to their properties because of the volunteers’ efforts.

In Chipinge District, a similar group volunteers has also been doing similar repair work on homes. When completed with the targeted 237 homes, 30 schools and 7 clinics are also targeted for roof restoration in both Chimanimani and Chipinge districts.

The volunteers are supported with building tools, logistics and materials such as roofing sheets, cement and bricks through generous funding by China Aid, while the project is managed by UNDP Zimbabwe. They volunteers were mobilised by Econet’s Higherlife Foundation as part of the Cyclone Idai response programme.

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