Savage Shadaya breaks the Web

Savage, unbridled and outspoken socialite Tawona Shadaya Twitter brawl with prominent radio personality Miss Red has been trending these past four days.

By Marshall Bwanya

Twitter and Facebook has been awash with Shadaya savage comments ahead of Mugabe’s legacy and Zimbabwe’s 40th Independence celebrations.

Shadaya’s trendy savage tweets have earned him the moniker ‘King of the North’ a title revered in HBO’s blockbuster tv series Game of Thrones.

In the Twitter brawl Miss Red tweeted: “To those who didn’t see my worth, thank you for setting me free.”

The socialite Shadaya critised ferminist Miss Red for viewing men as the problem when she had two children with different baby daddies.

Shadaya wrote: “More than 1 baby daddy and you still think men are the problem.”

Young entrepreneur Maynard Manyowa quickly Shadaya jumped to Miss Red’s rescue in a movie fashion  of saving a damsel in distress.

“Hey bro. So I am one of the baby Dad’s. And I was the problem, I lied, cheated and she left me. Man to Man I also don’t appreciate you saying stuff you know nothing about for mileage, especially about my family. Nobody says stuff about your mom, not cause we can’t but #respect,” Manyowa wrote.

Shadaya ruthlessly retaliated to Manyowa exposing the latter’s false testimony at the Motlanthe commission of inquiry and also unorthodox sex exploits.

“Man to man, I also want you to know I just don’t give a crap. And we already know you’re a liar, we all saw you lying on TV during the commission of inquiry saga, nothing surprising. She’s a public figure meaning the public are entitled to give opinions.

“Who was complaining that you liked your booty hole licked? Should I continue?

“Why the sudden defense for women now, because everyone knows your time in high school at Alan Wilson between 2004-08 you liked boys. And you were staying in the avenues, the HQ yenyaya dzeku manyowa iwe Manyowa, should I go on? beckoned Shadaya.

Other feminists aligned to Miss Red accused Shadaya on social media for being an unsaddled chauvinist cyber bullying Miss Red.

Shadaya responded by launching another savage subtle attack on several prominent female personalities Olinda, Pokello, Mai Titi, Madam Boss, Kinky Badass and Lorraine Guyo accusing them for being undesirable influencers women looked up to.

“Zim women are lost. Look at their female influencers:

“Jojo Tank – hid her HIV status to her ex husband
Yellowbone – rose to prominence with a sextape
Vulgar Queen – hosted a divorce party
DJ (d?ck jockey) – multiple baby daddies
Crying Cougar – always crying about young men.

“Miss Approach Me – an abortionist
Freaky Stinky Ass – very unhygienic
The Maid – domineering to her husband.

“These are the women they look up to. Women who lacks values, morals, principles and integrity,” Shadaya quered.


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