Sally Mugabe Hospital Faces Water Crisis

Water shortages have become a big challenge at public hospitals making it difficult to operate while maintaining proper hygiene for health workers, Harare Central Hospital Pediatric Surgeon Dr Bothwell Mbuvayesango has said.
Giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Health committee, Dr Mbuvayesango said water challenges had worsened the situation at Harare Central Hospital.
Harare City Council has been rationing water since early last year with residents only getting tap water three days per week. That applies to the hospital too. Patients have to fend for themselves
“We have become used to the water crisis.
“Even for our toilets, we have to make sure we find our own water because running water is not always available,” said Mbuvayesango.
In an interview with 263Chat, Hardlife Mudzingwa, spokesperson for the Community Water Alliance confirmed that indeed the situation at hospitals was disheartening.
“The water shortages have been going on for a while now. Women in maternity wards have been asked to bring their water from home. We will continue to advise the council to prioritize health delivery system,” said Mudzingwa.
Harare is facing a serious water crisis as the city’s major water sources are drying up, with council now making provisions for the situation to be declared a state of emergency so that urgent steps may be taken to address the disaster.
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