Sakubva Residents Petition Council Over Power Black Out

MUTARE– Thousands of Sakubva families who had their electricity supply cut off in October last year over unpaid debts have petitioned city fathers to rescind their decision.

Through the United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust (UMRRT), the residents said they were cut off without notice while the local authority had resumed collecting electricity tariffs.

United Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Trust (UMRRT) programmes director Edson Dube confirmed the development to saying over 1 500 families were living in the dark for almost last three months.

Dube said residents in affected residents are in Maonde, Matida and Chimoio, are against reintroduction of electricity charge as they were cut off without notice from either council or the power utility company.

“We are petitioning council against the electricity charge of $25.00 to residents staying in council rented houses in some sections of Mutare.

“The residents of Maonde in Sakubva hereby petition the Mutare City Council against the imposition of the above stated charge. On the 10th of October 2019, the residents of Maonde Matida and Chimoio were disconnected from the ZESA power supply grid without notice,” said Dube.

In the petition, the residents appealed for clarification over the reintroduction of electricity charges for the areas that were disconnected.

The residents bemoaned lack of action from the city fathers and pleaded for the withdrawal of ‘unjustified’ electricity charges since there has been no supply in the affected areas since October 2019.

“When the residents approached your office for clarification on the reason of disconnections Mutare City council officials and the councilors concerned advised that it was because of the unpaid rates that residents owed council and in turn council was unable to service the ZESA council supply debt.

The residents handed the petition to Mutare town clerk Joshua Maligwa and mayor Blessing Tandi last Friday.


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