Sacking of Health Minister Not Enough Says Tsenengamu

Outspoken former Zanu PF national youth Commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu has hailed the axing of health minister Obadiah Moyo saying it is a step in the right direction though not enough.

In an interview with 263Chat, the firebrand youth activist said the Moyo must be held accountable for every fund received and should face prosecution.

“It’s a very good thing that the President has finally fired Minister Moyo but that is not enough. Minister Moyo must be held accountable on everything that happened under his watch. We are going to demand an audit on all the funds that came from various stakeholders towards the fighting of Covid-19 so that at least the authorities are held accountable on whatever decisions in line with funds that came.

“So it won’t just be enough to have him fired without being prosecuted for all that he committed whilst he was Minister. We are still going to call for his prosecution and obviously we would want to see a conviction in that regard,” said Tsenengamu.

Tsenengamu said the release on bail of Delish Nguwaya, an accomplice in the Moyo case could be a signal that there is no case on the two.

“Delish Nguwaya has been released on bail and if you go through what the presiding Judge said it shows that there could be no case on Nguwaya because Nguwaya didn’t award the tender to himself and overcharging services may not constitute a crime. So who is the culprit here? I think Obadiah Moyo has a case to answer. He must be investigated” he said

Opposition Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) president, Dr. Nkosana Moyo posting on Twitter said the removal of Minister Moyo was a small fight that is leaving the real culprits.

“The removal of Obadiah Moyo from his post as Cabinet Minister is a very small battle won in the scheme of things because the big fish are still unscathed and the levels of corruption still totally unacceptable,” wrote Moyo.

Obadiah Moyo was fired yesterday in what Permanent Secretary of Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda said was conduct inappropriate for a Government minister.

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