‘Rhodesian Police was better’

Experts have noted that the Rhodesian police was far much better compared to the current police force as evidenced by the increasing number of police roadblocks and the increased interaction between the police and the public.

This was revealed during a discussion organised by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) Conversations last Wednesday on the impact of roadblocks on civil liberties and productivity.

Addressing those in attendance, Mfundi Mlilo, the Director of Combined Harare Residents Association said the unjustified nature within which police handles things is clear evidence that the Rhodesian police were much better.

“The unjustified nature in which the police handle things is clear evidence that the Rhodesian police force was far much better.

“Police have become judges, they will tell you what is wrong, your offence, the prosecution and also impound your vehicle. This hinders the freedom of movement just as in the Rhodesian era,” said Mlilo.

He also revealed that the abundant roadblocks show that the country has turned into a police state.

“The country has turned into a police state as evidenced by the number of police on the roadblocks and the number of police who always roam around the streets ,” he said adding that people are now living in fear just as the in the times of the Rhodesian government.

Dr Ibo Mandaza echoed the above sentiments when he said that there is no difference between the 1970s and what we are currently experiencing.

“We have an increase in police activity and people are living in fear as the power bloc is ruling without the people.

He also queried the number of police and law enforcement agents.

“We have 300, 000 police and law enforcement agents; do we need so much police? Is this a fair charge on the fiscus,” queried Dr Mandaza.

Photo creditrhodesianforces.org

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