Respect and Uphold Constitution, ZRP Told

The flagship human rights lobby group in the country, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has urged the Zimbabwe Republic Police to respect and uphold the constitution, accusing them of partisan conduct and giving preferential treatment to ruling party activities.

In a statement CiZC welcomed the court ruling which set aside a police ban on their protest for electoral reforms, saying it is a major milestone in ensuring that the police respect and uphold the country’s constitution.

“We would like to reaffirm our commitment to ensure that democracy and the rule of law prevails hence our continued fight against any form of violation of the country’s supreme law,

“We take great exception to police maneuvers to frustrate genuine actions by civil society organizations,” reads the CiZC statement.

The human rights lobby group implored the police to desist from partisan conduct and allow all Zimbabweans to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights without undue hindrance.

They accused the police of allegedly giving preferential treatment to ruling party activists whose programmes are often cleared without any hurdles.

“CiZC is also concerned by the tendency by law enforcement agents to label civic society organizations as agents of regime change,

“This tendency by the police (as well as ruling party politicians) has been one of the leading factors of arrests as well as harassment of civic society activists,

“CiZC will also be submitting a formal complaint against threats issued to its members by the police on April 5, 2018,” explained CiZC.

On March 29, CiZC notified the ZRP Harare Central District of its intention to hold a peaceful march to demand electoral reforms on April 5, 2018. This was turned down on the grounds that it would disturb the smooth flow of traffic in the CBD.

The ZRP ordered the marchers to only assemble at Africa Unity Square and present their petition on electoral reforms to Parliament.

Feeling aggrieved, CiZC appealed at the Harare Magistrates Court which set aside the police ban. According to the court ruling, the march should proceed tomorrow between 1100hrs to 1300hrs with the police being instructed to provide police escort to the protestors.


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