Relief For 12-Year-Old Mt Darwin Girl With Contractures

Twelve year old Mt Darwin girl Sharon Chirata, who suffered severe burns that lead to contractures, got a reprieve yesterday when Impala Car Rental company, through the Alfred Dondo Foundation, donated money to cover her medical bills.

Sharon and her sister Shelter suffered third degree burns when a hut they were sleeping in caught fire in 2013.
The incident made headlines in the local media after her parents failed to raise money for the medical bills.

Speaking just after paying some of the money at Karanda Hospital in Mt Darwin, Impala Car Rental Brand and Projects manager Tracy Ngoma said they were moved by the plight of Sharon.

“This is something that needs urgent attention and that is why we decided to chip in as company. After being referred to specialists in plastic surgery we have already take it upon ourselves that we assist as much as we can,” she said.

She said apart from paying for her medical bills they would also take them as beneficiaries of the Alfred Dondo foundation.

“Our foundation takes care of about 65 children and these two are also coming on board to make them 67. As a company we will continue giving back to the community,” she added.

Peter Chirata who is Sharon’s father said they were grateful to the organisation and all those who supported them.

“I am just an ordinary person who does not have money to pay for the medical bills, I was struggling to put food on the table because the family was getting big. Sharon’s condition was even worrying me because there was no money to pay for her operation, I want to thank Impala for their gesture and all those who came on board to support us,” he said.

He said though there were told that she would need a plastic surgery, it was encouraging to have companies like Impala Car Rental.

Sheila Marimo who is the mother of Sharon said she had already dropped out of school as she was constantly subjected to mockery over her condition.

“Sharon dropped out of school because schoolmates were laughing at her but we want to thank Impala for their kind gesture and all those who came on board,” she said.

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