Reactions To Van Choga’s Departure From Yala Nation

Social media is awash with recent developments involving man of the moment, Van Choga and the decision to terminate his burgeoning relationship with Seh Calaz’s record label Yala Nation.

A statement released yesterday by Seh Calaz and team highlighted that it was  Van Choga’s wish to part ways with them that they had to decide to release the artiste.

“Van Choga has advised us that he now wants to pursue another direction with different people. We hold no reservations with his personal choice and thus accordingly we release him,” reads part of the statement.

Reacting to the developments popular comedienne Mai Titi said, “salute you, my brother, for bringing the best out of him let him go out there and conquer. Well done Seh Calaz. Goodluck Van Choga.”

While socialite, Thomas Chizhanje felt it was a hasty decision for Van Choga to make.

“Showbiz industry… Artist anokurumidza kufunga akura plus akubatirwa. Pavanozozviwona kuti vakamhanya. It will be too late!
I hope he will not say bad things about you and if he does nyarara. (artistes are quick to think too highly of themselves and suspecting they are being fleeced only to have an epiphany of what is on the ground when it’s too late),” said Chizhanje.
“My 2 cents z,a new artist needs every platform to grow. So the mistake that most people make is to think that if I’m their friend all their enemies must also become my enemies.So its possible kuti Vanz vainzi vasaende kumaGara Mumba since Java ari ryt hand man weChillspot. Apparently Seh ndiye munhu one akaramba kuiswa musaga neChillspot,thats why ari big nhasi coz haabvume kuitiswa…
Pliz Note: my opinion z entirely based on my individual thot process and speculation….” wrote Joseph Muzondo
“I hope this post haina ma hidden feelings mukati… if not thank you very much for the part you played, people gt dreams let him pursue his, kumhunga ikoko akashaya ipwa achadzoka and be kind enuff to welcome him again… Jus saying but my other mind is telling me anenge anotopengawo zvemashuwa nhy!!!” Rayvon Kalisa.
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