Re-Usable Sanitary Wear for Zvimba Girls

A local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Katswe Sistahood on Tuesday received a consortium of re-usable sanitary pads, pants and other accessories from two local well-wishers for onward handover to Kawondera Secondary School girls from Kawondera in Zvimba district.

Addressing Journalists in Harare, Kuzivakwashe Mujakachi who co-donated the sanitary wear with Richard Kanyangu said they chose Zvimba because of the first-hand accounts they have had with the girls there.

“We chose Kawondera Secondary School in Zvimba because of the first-hand accounts we have had there. We had girls come forward with their stories and struggles so we thought to help right there.

“The girls used cloth and maize cobs which is very unsanitary. So today we donated 100 re-usable pads and 100 more disposable ones, the re-usable ones will last five years.

“We are also going to reach out to other girls around the country and come back and donate more to create a sustainable act,” said Mujakachi.

Each packet of the re-usable pads has two re-usable pads with covers, two panties, face towel, zip lock bag for putting the soiled panties and pads as well as a bar soap.

Once put in the zip lock bag with the soap and a little water the soiled pads self-wash.

Talent Jumo, Director of Katswe Sistahood expressed excitement over the donation saying it is a symbolic gesture that will go long a way in helping girls facing challenges in accessing proper sanitary wear.

She added that girls were partaking of risky practices to ensure they have sanitary wear.

“We are excited this happening at this point and its very symbolic for us. There are a lot of girls out there who use cow dung leaves, maize cobs as sanitary wear.

“Girls who are in cotton farming communities go to extent of stealing the cotton to use which is harmful to them as the cotton is not processed and has chemicals they may cause infections.

“Some of the girls also miss school for about three to four days when they are on their period because they don’t have access to decent sanitary wear which then affects their education because this happens monthly.

“We also have head cases of girls who turn to transactional sex just to raise a dollar for decent sanitary pads.” added Jumo.

Katswe Sistahood urged government to come up with long term solutions to and dedicate some funds towards providing decent sanitary wear distributed in schools.

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