Quality Seeds Key to Food Security: Made

Minister of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development, Joseph Made has noted the importance of access and provision of quality seeds to ensuring food security, poverty reduction, safer trade and economic development.

Speaking at the launch of the national domestication of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) harmonized Seed Regulations, Made said in spite of achievements registered during 2016/2017 summer season, Zimbabwe has not been spared by the negative factors of climate change and outbreaks of new and old crop pests that threaten agricultural production, food security and nutrition.

“Access and provision of quality seeds remains a key input to ensuring food security,

“It is a preferred tool for re-establishing the livelihoods of farmers affected by disasters and to return them to life,

“There is need to raise national and regional awareness about seed security and its beneficial effects on food security, poverty reduction, environmental protection, safer trade and economic development,” said Made.

According to Made, Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development will continue to develop or alter legislation and strategies to appropriately facilitate seed industry development and its performance.

“In order to achieve seed and food security, technical departments of my ministry will continue to provide services that address challenges related to agricultural productivity, production and product quality,

“Issues of plant health which encapsulates seed health issues are gaining prominence and ministry is working on curbing that too,” he said.

Made added that without proper management, seed security in the country and COMESA region may not be realized.

“Only through correct exploitation of existing synergies will we achieve the desired outcomes as spelt out in the ZimASSET blueprint,” alluded Made.

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