President Mnagangwa Addressed Empty Seats At UNGA Because Of Our Poor National Brand

Addressing empty seats at the United Nations General Assembly, how unconscionable, as the world boycotts a prepared key note address that involves a nation that is re-establishing itself on the international market

My heart burns with rage as I am now more unsettled about our brand positioning and global perception. Like I always advise the government via my policy papers, it’s high time the government learns to listen to avoid empty seats in the near future. The empty seats represent the poor engagement. However, the membership of the United Nations is key but not necessary, since the west and east seems not to be interested in what we have to say; even if we do not attend it changes nothing.

Perhaps defining what a brand is, will make us understand why the United Nations embarrassment occurred. A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that in combination drive customer’s decisions to choose a product or service.  So we were not chosen because we have not created a brand that everyone would want to associate with or take seriously. It’s not the President they were avoiding, its Zimbabwe, so let us not say it’s the President Country branding is the art of the possible and the art of the next best, and looks like America has been a testimony to the art of possibility and the art of being the best.

The work ahead of Zimbabwe will not be solved by American lobbyist that are benefiting millions from our already strained coffers, but by us the citizens. I feel very much disrespected by the acts of defiance displayed by other world leaders, as they have sent a strong message that we are insignificant. However, despite the usually western supremacist stance that they always take, we too as a country we must look at where we are going wrong when it comes to our National Branding.  What are we doing to become better and greater is the question? According to my research, I have established that we are not taking our branding issues seriously, we talk about it but have not been doing much about it…

When His Excellency the President, our number one man addressed an empty auditorium that should be enough the fuel we need to begin a process of serious national dialogue on brand recreation, promotion and management. Since my journey began on National Branding I have spoken to many government officials, from departments, local councils and parastatals for them to buy into my shared vision for branding this country but the majority seem not to see it as a priority or think its them that can only do it without incorporating my futuristic concepts that will transcend the country beyond the stars and the galaxy.

The dumping down of ideas is really where the world is, as every entity is creating formidable commercially motivated concepts to attain revenue. Well ran countries understand that they are a business and they are always in it for expanding their interests as to sour. Country branding is a complimentary tool to strategic planning and development. Nobody ever places a product on the market without intentional creation of its ingredients, benefits and perception, so should our country must start to do.

Let’s not blame the President, the totality is our own making, we got here and we must work towards getting out of the situation expediently, as it is unpleasant. The brand belongs to all of us, and it still is everyone’s, responsibility to make it a globally acceptable brand

 Tare Munzara is a Country Branding Expert and the CEO for Destination Marketing International. For Feedback please do contact Email  on [email protected]   or [email protected]    . Phone: 0774 817 440

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