Political Party Mourns Gringo, Ginimbi

The Ideas Party Of Democracy (IPD) has extended its condolence messages to the Kadungure and Boora families following the passing Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure and veteran comedian Lazarus “Gringo” Boora early in the week.

Ginimbi died in a car accident which claimed three more lives on Sunday morning while Gringo passed on Monday after a long battle with stomach cancer.

Speaking to 263Chat from his South African base, IPD President Hebert Chamuka said the untimely deaths of the two popular figures is a big loss to the country’s entertainment sector and leaves a void that will difficult to fill.

“We are saddened by the passing on of our brothers Gringo and Ginimbi. For Gringo, he uplifted the country’s comedy sector and his legacy should be emulated by those who are upcoming. He lived an exemplary life which speaks for itself.

“We will forever remember him and his unwavering contribution to the arts and entertainment sector. Although in his death he lacked financially, we know he left a rich history which will be talked about for generations to come. He worked for the country and she will forever be remembered,” Chamuka said.

Gringo was laid to rest yesterday in his rural him, Chipinge.

Passing his condolences to the Kadungure family, Chamuka urged drivers to be responsible on the roads and avoid drunk driving to save lives.

“We also pass our heartfelt condolences to the Kadungure family on the passing on of Ginimbi.

“The way Ginimbi died is so sad, we understand he was speeding and that resulted in his demise. We are now heading towards the festive season, we urge all drivers to be responsible on the roads and reduce avoidable road accidents which can be due to human error.

“It’s not everyone who will make it into the new year due to accidents but we can avoid that so I appeal to all those who drive recklessly to excise restraint,” he said.

Ginimbi will be buried at his Domboshawa mansion on Saturday.

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