Police Warn Of Illegal Roadblocks

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned of bogus roadblocks in the country, accusing unscrupulous elements of of using spikes and collecting money from motorists.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba told journalists in the capital that the trend of bogus roadblocks is now rampant in Harare.

“Of late we are noticing a disturbing phenomenon where some individuals have gone on the overdrive tying to paint a gloomy picture about the police.

“We are fully aware of the machinations of some unscrupulous elements  that have formed the fifth column that masquerades as police, conducting illegal roadblocks using spikes and collecting money for them,”  Charamba said.

She said the long arm of the law will soon catch up with all perpetrators who are extorting the public of their hard earned cash on the country’s roads.

“We are however investigating the exact nature, composition and scope of this criminal group,” she added.

Charamba said the public should help the police in arresting some members of the society who are masquerading as police officers mounting roadblocks. zifmnews.com 

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