Police Refutes Dr Magombeyi Arrest Claims

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has refuted claims that they have arrested Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association president Dr Peter Magombeyi who was found yesterday evening after five days in abduction.

In a statement posted on the ZRP Twitter handle, the police said investigations into the abduction of Dr Magombeyi, who is currently admitted at a local hospital were in full swing.

The police added that Magombeyi was examined by his own medical team as well as government medical officers.

“The ZRP advises members of the public that investigations in Dr Peter Gabriel Magombeyi’s case are in full swing. He is currently admitted at a local hospital for observation by a medical team. He has been examined by his own medical team and Government Medical Officers,” noted ZRP.

The police further assured the nation that Dr Magombeyi was safe and not under arrest adding that they will take him for questioning once he is cleared by his medical team.

“He is safe and has not been arrested at all as claimed in some sections of the media. Dr Magombeyi will be interviewed by the Police once he is cleared by his medical team,” said the police.

Magombeyi was abducted on Saturday last week and was dumped in Nyabira about 40 kilometres outside Harare central business district.

The state and the ruling Zanu PF party have claimed that Magombeyi’s abduction claims were fake accusing the opposition of seeking to soil the image of the country ahead of the United Nations General Assembly which kicks off in the USA on Tuesday next week.

During the period Magombeyi was in abduction, doctors from across the country’s biggest hospitals downed tools in solidarity with the youthful union leader, forcing the military personnel to move in to save the situation in public health centres.

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