Pokello Is A Good Wife At Home: Elikem


Contrary to popular belief it has emerged that “slay queens” do have commendable household qualities according to a live video chat of Ghanaian television personality, Elikem Kurmodzie who is captured singing praises on his ex-wife Pokello Nare’s wifely qualities.

The pair ignited their romance on screen during 2013’s Big Brother contests and later married in 2015 for a union that hit its Waterloo in 2018.

Speaking in a live chat interview Kurmodzie attributed their short stinted marriage to distance.

“Things just went off because of distance, she was there and I was here then this happened and that happened, before you know it boom it’s nolonger a thing to hold on to,” he said.

Kurmodzie praised Nare for her commendable wifely and motherly qualities despite her flamboyant outlook she poses.

“I will give her accolades where its due, Pokello is a good wife at hom regardless of her glam and personality out there. She would cook, clean, breastfeed constantly and take of the baby. I think she does her part as a good woman and good mother. There is nothing I can condemn when it comes to being a certain kind of personality,” he added.

Meanwhile, last year, while addressing gatherers at the University of Zimbabwe during an official launch of She Roars Brand, a programme meant to empower young women, Pokello disclosed that her three-year marriage to Kurmodzie sort to prove the point that she was still “wife material” despite her scandals.

“I made a lot of mistakes in my life and I have learned from them. I also got married at the age of 28 because I felt like I needed to prove to people that with all my scandals, I still am wife material.”

She added that for it she learned women need not to “prove or validate anything to anyone. What you (women) need to do is focus on your careers, making money and happiness.”

Pokello made her breakthrough into limelight through a leaked sextape with her then boyfriend and rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

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