Plaxedes Wenyika Set To Break Silence


Veteran songstress, Plaxedes Wenyika will be ending her long-awaited return on the music scene with an early Christmas gift for her fans with the release of two singles this month, 263Chat has learned.

Titled Pindurai and Zvekare, the tracks will be successively released between mid and end of November with the latter accompanied by visuals.

In an environment that has evolved from Urban Grooves to an arena dominated by Zimdancehall and Hip-hop also starting to gain ground, the Pasina Iwe hitmaker highlighted that she stuck to the typical vintage-Plaxedes whom her fans have always known.

“Nothing much has changed from the Plax that you have always known, I feel if I shift from the Plaxedes everyone has grown to know I would have missed the plot. Besides, my fans miss that sound I have always had, if I don’t deliver that I would have missed,” she said in an interview with this publication.

Speaking on her silence, Wenyika said she has a business life to take care of outside her music.

“I’m not just an artist, there are other things that I do. Sometimes I will be up to my business and my other things of interest as well. However, music is my passion and I was always bound to go back to that very first person,” she said.

After the two singles, Wenyika will drop an album in April 2020.

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