Plan Your Movements Carefully, Police Warns Public

Zimbabwe Republic Police has issued a fresh warning to people who are violating the current dusk to dawn curfew saying those providing essential services should go home straight after knocking off at 1500hours.

In a statement today, ZRP National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said that only those providing essential services would be allowed passage at roadblocks during curfew hours.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that only people offering essential services will be allowed passage at police roadblocks and other checkpoints after 1800 hours. Those knocking off duty at 1500 hours should ensure that they go home straight after work.

“Members of the public are implored to plan their movements carefully so that they are not inconvenienced during the curfew period,” said Nyathi.

This comes as the authorities have arrested 347 264 people for violating lockdown regulations since 30 March when the government first announced a national lockdown.

Despite the country currently being under a hard lockdown with only essential service workers allowed free movement, indiscipline among Zimbabweans has been rampant with informal traders.

Police said most of the transgressions are happening in residential areas where bars and shebeens continue to serve patrons.

Meanwhile, just on Wednesday, police arrested at least 3 102 people across the country for various offences related to violating the lockdown regulations. Of those arrested, 1 294 were accused of unnecessary movement while 1 178 were nabbed for not wearing face masks.

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