Zim Has Good Weather For Crocodile Production- Padenga Holdings

Crocodile meat and skin producer Padenga Holdings Limited say the good climatology in Zimbabwe has seen an increase in the production of crocodiles as the company has harvested 7493 crocs to date since the beginning of the year.

Addressing shareholders in the capital today, the Group Chief Executive Officer Gary Sharp said they managed to ship 2,725 skins in January 2018, an increase largely due to favourable weather patterns

“The size and quality of the harvestable crop in the pens gives us confidence that we will attain our target of 46,000 skins of 34.6cm belly width average.

“The thrust continues this year to harvest more of the younger of the two crops to reduce our production cycle. The first sales grading of the year was conducted at the end of April 2018; and achieved a grade average consistent with our expectations.

“We had 2,725 skins in stock at the beginning of the year, which were graded and shipped in January 2018,” he said.

He added that 5,738 alligators, had been harvested as of yesterday leaving 22,639 animals still to be harvested between May and December.

“In the United States, harvesting commenced in February. 5,738 alligators, being a combination of watchband sized and medium sized skins had been harvested as of yesterday’s date leaving 22,639 animals still to be harvested between May and December.

“Approximately 3,330 animals will be carried forward into 2019 to be harvested as medium-sized skins of 29cm average size.

“An additional 15,000 yearling alligators will be purchased in 2018 for grow-out and harvesting in 2019 as medium-sized skins,” added Sharp.


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