Passion Java Threatens Enzo Ishall

Following his fallout with Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall, controversial cleric, Passion Java has been sending subliminal threats of violence to the singer on social media.

Java who is said to have engaged in a verbal contract with the Magate singer, appears a bitter man after Enzo left him for new management despite the significant figures the man of cloth had invested on the artist.

In a video making rounds on social media, Java is captured in a conversation with a colleague threatening to slap Enzo Ishall’s new handlers with a lawsuit.

“Arikuda kutsvagwa munhu iyeye ari kusigner munhu wedu tomuti twabam (we need to look for the person who has signed our artist and deal with them),” said Java to his colleague’s response who said, “anoda mamonya here or malawyer (should we deal with them through bouncers or lawyers),” Java responded, “haaa ikozvino tombomuitira malawyer tombopusa pamberi apa tozomuti twabam (no, we will act dumb for now and use lawyers then later we deal with them accordingly),” said Passion.

As if this was not enough another video of Passion has hit social media streets. In this video, he is again captured in a conversation with a different colleague throwing some more subliminal messages.

“Vapfanha ava, ava vapfanha, vanoda kunzi tswibidi (these young boys need to be dealt with),” said Java with his colleague responding, “vanoda kurohwa kopo Izvezvi haana mari yehupfu ( we need to give them a headbutt, he probably doesn’t have money to buy roller meal right now).”

Java added, “haa yatopera zvatopera so kungonzi  tswibidi (oh he has nothing by now)” prompting his colleague to respond saying “toita sei nevapfanha ava, vanoda kungo ma**swa (so what do we do with them, they just need to be beaten up),” which Java disapproved saying, “no we are men of God let’s just swallow the defeat.”

Passion is no stranger to controversy and picking fights, last year he had an exchange of words with rappers Stunner and Mudiwa. He was also in a war of words with fellow prophets Uebert Angel and Shepherd Bushiri.


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