Passion Java Rips Into Ginimbi

United States of America (USA)-based ‘cleric’, Passion Java has launched a scathing attack at socialite, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure accusing the latter of acquiring stolen vehicles in South Africa.

This follows Kadungure’s settling of his import duty fee of over US$160 000 for his US$350 000 two-seater ‘Ferrari 488 Spider’ sports car.

In a short video clip shot from his base, Java said Ginimbi cannot match his financial muscle.

“You can’t compare your US$200 000 or US$300 000 car to half a million worth Lamborghini. First, buy your cars legitimately and then start to say whatever you want,” said Java.

He added, “we are well informed on how you are acquiring your cars. You are buying stolen vehicles in South Africa.”

However, from the reactions, it appears Java has pressed a wrong button as the majority of social media community castigated his utterances.

“Apa mashaya mdara. I respect someone who buys an expensive car and brings it and registers it in Zim . Coz that’s twice the amount of someone buying one in states. Pane cost of shipping and duty ka apa,” wrote malvin_tmg.

While some rebuked him for making too many enemies than friends.

“Zvino morwa ne zim yese here prophet.. When will these Zim millionaires come together to make an impact. Vhuraiwo ma company tirikuda mabasa isu,” simplypanashe_zw.

“G doesn’t have time for drama grow up twabam. Your name wasn’t even mentioned in that tomato video so ukurwadziwanei manje ukarwadziwa nembinga dzemachokwadi haupore,” fitnessandie.

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