Passion Java Promises To Buy Epatan A Mercedes Benz

Controversial cleric, Passion Java has revealed plans to acquire a ‘brand new’ Mercedes Benz for his hypeman and Zimdancehall chanter Uncle Epatan.

This follows the cleric’s facilitation of what is arguably Uncle Epatan’s biggest career achievement -a collaboration with Tanzanian music superstar Rayvanny.

Revealing his intentions to spoil Epatan, Java shared a short video clip of himself donned in all white,  roaming around a Lamborghini Urus  belonging to his wife while engaging in  a phone call with the “Ipapo Ipapo” singer whom he urged to visit a car sale of his choice.

He captioned the clip with the words, “Uncle Epatan mira uone zimota randikukutengera mangwana” loosely translating to…Uncle Epatan, wait and see the type of car I want to buy for you.

He also revealed that he plans to buy a Buggatti for himself soon.

The “Twabam” chanter has publicly shown his desire to outdo his rival, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure who recently acquired a Lamborghini Aventendor S Roadstar at a whooping US$605 213 after duty.

Ironically, in an open show of his annoyance, Java has erected a billboard along Domboshava road -the route to Ginimbi’s residence- written “SAKA” loosely translating to, So What.


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