Passion Java Lifts Lid On Upbringing

Following social media backlash over claims that he was neglecting his own blood brother despite flaunting riches, the controversial socialite Passion Java has lifted the lid on his upbringing saying he was the least intelligent child in their nine-member family.

Java is currently the most talked about socialite in the country due to his endless video clips where he flaunts riches while in some he engages in war of words with different people.

His brother Simba Java shocked many when he appeared in a video begging well wishers for bus-fare to return back to Zimbabwe from South Africa where he was working.

This did not go well with his siblings Apostle Batsirai Java and Passion whose real name is Panganai, who both appeared in separate videos chiding Simba for going public over his desperate predicament.

While Batsirai said he would assist Simba to return back home, Passion appeared to suggest that his brother was just being a cry baby who had better opportunities to succeed in life than him.

In a circulating video, Passion who has never shied away from controversy said unlike Simba who was intelligent and got a chance to learn at good schools, he himself was very dull and would regularly score low grades resulting in him enrolling at ordinary schools.

“Inini ndini dofo rekupedzesera mumba medu, kwete mukufoira hupenyu, kufoira muchikoro, inini kuchikoro ndaivharwa, vakaenda neni kuchikoro vanotondiziva, ndaibuda ndiri number 29 mu class kana ma report abuda, mukaenda ku Seke 6 primary munotonoona ma reports iwawo, ndaivharwa kutoomerwa, chandaingoziva ndechekuti $5 iyi ikapihwa vanhu 10 imarii, ndaikurovera in 2 seconds, ndaikuti haa $50 mukuru, but ukanditi 10 times 5 ndaivharwa, saka zvekuchikoro I will never lie to you guys, zvanga zvakaoma (I am the least intelligent in our household, i am not a failure in life but i failed school, those who went to school with me they know what I am talking about, I would come up number 29 at the end of the school term, if you go to Seke 6 Primary you will see the records, what I knew was adding money but if it was an ordinary mathematical problem, i would still fail, I dont want to lie it was hard for me)

“Inini ndaitoda kuenda ku boarding but ndakatadza because ndanga ndatovharwa, kana pa Seke 1 ndakatadza ku qualifier ndakatozoenda ku Seke 2 kwainzi kwemadofo (I also wanted to go to a boarding school but i failed because i was not intelligent, i failed to enroleven at Seke 1 high school, and eventually settled for Seke which was for the no so intelligent ones ),” said Passion.

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