Panicky Mnangagwa Calls For Dialogue

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday morning called for dialogue with the opposition movements barely 24 hours before the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) take to the streets to protest against the government over a shrinking economy and deteriorating human rights conditions.

In a tweet, Mnangagwa said there was a need for the country for a “constructive dialogue” while reiterating that violence must be shunned.

“The recent national holidays remind us that our strongest asset is our unity. I reiterate my calls to all opposition leaders that my door remains open and my arms remain outstretched. Riots and destructive violence must be rejected; the peaceful constructive dialogue is the way forward,” wrote Mnangagwa.

There are growing fears that the MDC will stage a violent demonstration but the opposition party has been unequivocal in its assurance that the mass action will be peaceful.

The government has upped its ante in preparation for Friday’s demonstration as heavily armed police officers have been milling the streets, in an apparent act of threat to the citizens.

On the other hand, the ZANU PF party has been making frantic efforts to thwart the demonstration with several emergency meeting meant to map the way forward to disrupt the mass action being lined up.

In Harare, the Youth League is meeting in Mbare in an effort to find ways to infiltrate the demonstration.

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