Opposition parties to boycott #Zim35 Independence Celebrations

Four main opposition parties in the country have vowed not to participate at the Independence Day celebrations today alleging that Zanu PF has betrayed the spirit of liberation.

While all roads point to the National Sports Stadium for the Independence Day celebrations, the country’s opposition parties have declared that there is no reason for attending the event.

Speaking at an Independence Day message held by the Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change, Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD), Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) and National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) yesterday, Former Prime Minister; Morgan Tsvangirai said that Independence Day celebrations are always twisted into a Zanu PF podium.

“We used to attend the Independence Day celebrations and we observed in horror as celebrations were turned into a Zanu PF get-together,” said Tsvangirai.

As the Independence Day celebrations drew near the media has been drenched with Zanu PF advertisements which sought to delineate and fish-out the achievements attained since 1980 under the #1980SoFarSoGood banner.

The MDC-T leader contends that chanting slogans at such celebrations is tantamount to reducing the event to a Zanu assemblage which makes non – Zanu PF cohorts feel out of place.

“Even when you are Prime Minister you feel out of place when they begin to recite their slogans,” he said.

Tsvangirai however urged Zimbabweans to celebrate 35 years of independence.

NCA Spokesperson, Madock Chivasa ricocheted the above sentiments when he said; “This press conference will be the best celebration that Zimbabweans are looking for. We don’t need to go before Zanu PF; we are here to show that you we can celebrate Independence Day in a different fashion. Listening to Mugabe’s hallucination is a not a precursor that we have celebrated independence.”

The statement produced by the four opposition parties treasured the role played by freedom fighters in freeing the nation.

“As the cooperative of political leaders, we are proud of that part of our history, and we cherish the great sacrifice made by Zimbabweans to fight oppression and attain political independence.

“The tragedy of our liberation is that only political independence came without basic freedoms that many had fought and died for,” reads the statement.

In their statement, the four main opposition parties wretched the ruling party, Zanu PF, for averting from the principles of the struggle.

“Zanu PF has betrayed the values and essence of the liberation struggle, with thousands of war veterans being targets for sustained political attack, victimisation, exclusion and wanton physical; and psychological violence,” says the statement.

The one day convergence of opposition parties indicated that the Independence Day is a proper time to resolve to chart a new course better than the ruinous Zanu PF path.

“It is time to reflect on whether we toiled and fought for our country so as to live in this sorry state. And to reflect on whether we fought for the vote so it could be stolen,” the statement reads.

Asked on whether the union could lead to a coalition ahead of the 2018 elections, Nojo Mjobisi of ZAPU said, “This is just an initial step as we fight for democratic space. This is a reflection of things to come. There are certain things that need to be tackled before people converge. The grand coalition will come when the need arises.”

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