OneMoney Revolutionize Customer Shopping Experience

Telecommunications giant, NetOne, through its mobile money platform, OneMoney, has transformed, revolutionized and redefined customer shopping experience by offering  a facility that allows subscribers to make payments in-store at point of sales without their mobile phones.

The latest development will see OneMoney offering a wide range of solutions and promotions to the mobile financial services market.

The financial services solutions, complemented by a number of promotions have seen OneMoney subscriptions and usage patterns rise sharply as a viable alternative to other mobile money service providers.

OneMoney, previously known as One Wallet, rebranded in 2017 and is fast becoming a force to reckon with through the provision of an array of services seamless transacting and greater customer convenience.

Speaking on the latest developments on the money platform, NetOne Public Relations executive Dr Eldrette Shereni explained how OneMoney has transformed, revolutionized and redefined the customer shopping experience.

“OneMoney is designed in such a way that gives answers to a number of challenges that customers have been facing especially during shopping. It might happen that one can forget their wallet containing their debit card at home and maybe realize this when they get to the shops. To make matters worse, the phone battery might die before even doing the transaction. As such, OneMoney has a facility that allows subscribers to make payments in-store at point of sales without their mobile phones, a development that has revolutionized and redefined the customer shopping experience.

“We appreciate that your phone may run out of power, therefore you can still pay for your groceries without it, or having to burn fuel driving back to collect your wallet using POS keypad, hence offering added convenience to our customers.  This functionality is found on most CABS Point of Sales and integration with other bank POS machines is at an advanced stage,” said Dr Shereni

Just last week, OneMoney launched a new promotion dubbed “OneMoney 50% Bonus Airtime” as the company continues to give its subscribers base for value.

The latest promotion comes as an addition to the already existing “One Top-Up”, a promotion that gives mobile subscribers discounted airtime.

The latest promotion gives a whopping 50 percent discount to customers purchasing airtime with a value of 10 dollars and more, using the OneMoney platform.

The mobile money service recently launched the OnePay platform which allows corporates and other companies to process multiple wallet transactions instantly, on a click of a button.

Dr. Eldrette Shereni said the number of companies that have adopted their OnePay platform is amazing before urging tertiary institutions to adopt the system as well as it is well-tailored for them as well.

“Several companies have adopted this mode of payment for payroll processing, as well as payment of allowances. Tertiary institutions can also utilize this platform for processing student grants and other stipends. Several tobacco and cotton farmers have also received their payments using this robust payment platform.’’ Dr. Shereni said.

She emphasized that OneMoney has several merchants across the country, one has to simply dial *111*2*1*merchantcode*Amount#.

Furthermore, One Money subscribers can pay any Point of Sale merchant across the country through the added convenience of a Zimswitch enabled debit card. In big market chains such as OK, TM Pick n Pay, Spar, Simbisa brands etc. customers can do cardless merchant payments by simply punching in their mobile number and OneMoney pin code to the integrated POS machines.

The platform has also made the job easier for companies wanting to pay their customs duty or remit to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), as they can now do this on the comfort of their zone by just dialing *554# and following the prompts.

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