Olinda Gets Mental Help

After erupting on social media last week over bedroom issues once more, United Kingdom-based businesswoman, Olinda Chapel, has admitted her need to involve mental health practitioners to help her.

Speaking in a now-deleted post on social media, Olinda appeared to have come to terms with her condition. She opened up on how unhappy she has been over the past months.

Below is Olinda’s full statement prior to her conduct on social media this past week…

I have been struggling a lot with myself. I have been very unhappy and mostly angry. Postnatal depression is real. I spent a lot of time with the mental health team yesterday. My behavior especially in this past week had spiralled out of control and had become very erratic. I was using social media as an outlet point. I haven’t been myself after going through a very difficult p[regnancy and almost dying in childbirth.

I became depressed and not okay with myself. I lost control. When my beautiful daughter was born I immediately returned to work and tried to juggle running our business, being a mother, and being a wife. Even though my husband tried his best to support me, I would push him away. I felt like a failure because I was so used to being strong and independent, and having to depend on him made me feel weak.

So I lashed out. Issues could have been handled much better especially where there were people who had their own agenda of trying to break me. Especially with the issue with my ex-friend. It pushed me over the edge and made me reach the breaking point. I never took the time to breathe and actually go through the facts or evidence.

It was all based on what was being whispered in my ear and certain people egging me on and became a trigger for my breakdown. My family has suffered because of this. I would like to apologise to my family and especially to my husband and friend. You offered me support and I kept on pushing you away. All you have ever tried to do is do right by me. 

At this moment I am unwell. My mind isn’t right and I feel overwhelmed and I need help. I am taking time out to fixing myself and getting back to being the happy bubbly person I am. I have my mental health team who will help me with my postnatal depression and I have my husband who will hold my hand through it all and my family to support the unit.

I am really sorry for my behaviour and some of the things I have said and done. Let me get myself better as I am at this moment not okay. This is real life and no matter how strong we are, we break. I haven’t been okay for months. (sic) 


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