NPRC To Engage Police On Handling People with Disabilities During Demos

National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) is planning to engage law enforcement agents on how to handle people living with disabilities amid concerns that they are mostly caught unaware during demonstrations due to communication failure.

This was said in the capital today at the International Week of the Deaf Commemorations organised by Deaf Zimbabwe Trust, meant to embrace the deaf and promote them to express themselves.

In an interview with 263Chat, NPRC Commissioner, Justice Sheila Hilary Matindike said she attended a presentation where deaf people were injured and some arrested during demonstrations as a result of communication failure.

“As NRPC, we are here to tell you that they also have human rights,” Matindike said.

“We are planning our own program as a commission to train the police on human rights issues so that they are able handle different people with disabilities in the society,” she added.

NPRC Chairperson Justice Selo Nare said they believe sign languages are crucial ways of expression, connecting with others and participation in economic, social, cultural and political spheres.

“National Peace and Reconciliation Commission has created safe spaces and opportunities for persons with disabilities, women and girls within any affected communities around the country to tell their stories and let their stories be heard,” said Justice Nare.

“Their use is also critical to ensuring access to information and services, including during the emergencies or conflicts and to realizing the human rights of thousands of deaf people in Zimbabwe and over 70 million others globally,” said Justice Nare.

These commemorations were held under the theme  ‘Sign Language Rights for All!’.

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