No Exams Until Mugabe Steps Down: UZ Students

Students at the University of Zimbabwe today (Monday) shut down their institution protesting against President Robert Mugabe’s refusal to step down.

The protest which began early in the morning when students were about to start the morning examination saw thousands gather at the University main library calling on their vice Chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura to resign as well as explain how Mugabe’s wife Grace was awarded a PHD in 2014.

In an interview with 263Chat, former Students Representative Council (SRC) President, Ostallos Siziba said he warned Nyagura about this day.

“Two years ago when I was SRC President, Nyagura decided to abuse his powers and gave Grace a bogus PHD,

“I promised him during a press conference that I held on the 17th of March 2015 that we were going to come back for him and launch a real habit of a radically different University of Zimbabwe,

“So today we have three demands thus the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor should revoke the PHD that was given to Grace, Nyagura must resign and the Chancellor must resign as the Chancellor of University of Zimbabwe,

“We are going to make sure these demands are met, make sure Nyagura is arrested including his small boy Madambi who has been stealing funds and hand him over to the military,” said Siziba.

Fanuel Kaseke, Secretary of the Vanguard Movement ripped into Jonathan Moyo saying the under fire Higher Education minister should repay the funds he embezzled in 2016.

“Of concern also is Jonathan Moyo, he should bring back the US$400 000 Zimdef fund that he stole so that it can be channeled towards student’s grants,

“Nyagura should also get rid of the part time Law class which has notorious criminals of G40 like Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, Supa Mandiwanzira and Savior Kasukuwere because we don’t recognize that class and they should start from part one,

“SRC held a meeting with the Registrar this morning and probably students will be sent back home until our demands are heard, we are not writing exams, we are not going home until this is fixed,” emphasized Kaseke.

Former Secretary for Sports and Social Welfare, Busiso Tshuma stated that Nyagura had gone too far hence the time to stop him.

“We are sending a revolutionary message to Levy Nyagura, we have had enough, he is G40 and he must go, we are clear about that,

“Nyagura is a thief and an academic criminal, he is a demon that needs to be exorcised,

“He was reinstated by Chombo and he should be arrested just like Chombo because he deserves to be in prison,” said Tshuma.

University of Zimbabwe examinations have been postponed until further notice and students have vowed not to write exams until Nyagura and Mugabe resign.

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