Only New Blood Can Take Zimbabwe’s Economy Forward: Gweru Entrepreneur


Gweru based entrepreneurs, Dr Tinashe Manzungu has said Zimbabwe needs a new crop of business people if the country is to move forward and come out of the current economic stagnation that has almost collapsed key sectors of the economy.

Addressing school pupils, teachers and invited guests at Mambo High School in Gweru where he was the Guest of Honor, Dr Manzungu said only new ideas can change the country for the better.

“Let’s be proud of ourselves, let’s see ourselves as people who are going to be successful. The Zimbabwean situation is not good at the moment but to improve the situation it needs new people, young blood, and you are the same people who can take Zimbabwe ahead.

“We want to see new companies, new ideas and new strategies of doing business,” he said.

He also applauded Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Lazarus Dokora’s new updated curriculum saying it helps the entrepreneurial spirit through early talent identification among pupils.

“There is need for you as individuals (pupils), parents and teachers to identify a talent in a child at their early stages so that it can be nartured.

“As the child grows, you can identify a child’s talent and of all the students that we have here today I can tell you that there is no one without a talent but you will realize that the school is in knowledge of only a quarter, the rest are unknown,” Manzungu said.

He added that one has to have the zeal to go an extra mile to utilize his/her talent especially in this economic environment.

Dr Manzungu is a holder of Geography and Environmental Science Honors Degree with the Midlands State University and obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Business Leadership from the International Women’s University with an estimated worth of over US$50 million.

He is the founder and major shareholder of the TM Group of companies which has subsidiaries which include Zimbuild Property Investment, Luxury Living International, Pine Guest Lodge, Tinrue Financial Services, Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund and recently Africa Haven Funeral Services with more than 70 percent stake.

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