NetOne Warms Up Shammah Children’s Home

Telecommunications giant, Netone recently spared a thought for the vulnerable children at Shammah Children’s home in Waterfalls by hosting a Christmas braai party and also donating goods to the institution which is home to 18 orphans.

Amongst the donations were 10 bunk beds, blankets, Christmas presents which included an assortment of toys, food stuffs and 50 fruits trees planted at the home.

The event saw the NetOne public relations department team also take part in a face-uplifting exercise of the home by painting part of the dilapidated walls.

“This is our way of showing how much NetOne cares for the underprivileged children within our society. We have come her to mingle and share with the kids especially at a time we are heading towards Christmas holiday. We would love these kids to also know how it feels to celebrate Christmas the same way our kids enjoy Christmas,” NetOne head of Public Relations Eldrette Shereni said.

Founder of the home, Abel Malate, who also grew up an orphan expressed gratitude to NetOne’s charity.

“We have kids with painful backgrounds here and we are trying as much as we can to make this place a proper family home and NetOne‘s coming here is profoundly appreciated as they are the first corporate to come here and give warming smiles to the children,” Malate said.

Through the assistance of various well-wishers, Malate has managed to sustain the orphans since 2012 and send all of them to school, with the majority of them learning at Prospect Primary School just nearby.

Amongst some of the major challenges the home is facing are water challenges and aging infrastructure.

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