NatPharm Bosses Under Fire Over ‘Stocked Products’


The Minister of Health and Child Care Doctor Obadiah Moyo had no kind words for NatPharm bosses who are being accused of stocking large quantities of medicinal products at their warehouse instead of distributing them to needy medical centres in time.

Dr. Moyo then ordered the pharmaceutical firm  to distribute the medicine to district hospitals with immediate effect adding that he was not at piece with what was happening at the firm with regards to receipt and distribution of products.

“We came here the first time and found out that your warehouse was full of products. We are here for the second time and the situation is still the same while we get complaints from medical centres outside Harare and other districts that people are not accessing medication while your warehouse is full,” fumed Dr. Moyo.

He added, “You confirmed it yourself that 14 trucks arrive on a daily basis. But at the end of the day where are the products going? That is the issue. We want a situation where we will be able to supply the whole country. The whole country must be able to feel that medicine supplies are available. We want to start with those district hospitals. We mustn’t neglect the low-lying district areas.”

The Minister said everyone has the right to good health and NatPharm is just a transit warehouse.

“NatPharm is not a warehouse for permanent storage,  is a transit warehouse!” said the Minister

“You can’t wait for us to come and tell you what to do. You have to think for yourselves, you are adults. Make sure that all the products are checked in as they come and sent out immediately. Are you using the tablets yourselves here at NatPharm? Are you taking the medication yourselves?” queried the Minister.

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