Namibia Open For Zim SMEs

Namibia has welcomed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra saying they are open to interested Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) partnering with Namibian entities.

Speaking to 263Chat on the sidelines of the ongoing CBZ International SME Indaba 2018 in Bulawayo, Namibian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ms Balbina Daes Piennar said there are huge opportunities for Zimbabwean SMEs to explore in Namibia.

“Namibia and Zimbabwe are very close friends, our bond gets back to the days of the liberation struggle.

“For us to be part of history where Zimbabwe is officially open for business than ever before is a great honor, the question to Namibia underscores the importance of the SME sector.

“SME sector is the backbone of any economy to enhance and strengthen the growth of SMEs sector should be an agenda for any developing country.

“Opportunities in Namibia are huge because my government also put in place a lot of emphasis on strengthening the SME sector,” she said.

Meanwhile, Piennar applauded CBZ Holdings and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprises Development for supporting SMEs in Zimbabwe.

“Therefore we really applaud CBZ Holdings and the  Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Enterprises Development with what they are doing in Zimbabwe.

“I think if the SME sector in Zimbabwe could partner with Namibian SMEs, we can grow stronger and they will bring growth to the region.

“All l can say is, just like Zimbabwe, Namibia is also open for business and we are welcoming interested SMEs to approach the embassy, we are having a very successful joined trade in economics committee facilitating the relationship between the two countries,” she said.

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