Mzembi Accused Of Stealing Party Name

The Walter Mzembi led new political outfit, the People’s Party (PP) is already courting trouble after another movement the Zimbabwe People’s Party (ZPP) accused it of stealing their name, logo and letterhead concepts.

The ZPP which was formed in June 2019 alleges that Mzembi did not do his research prior to adopting the name, color and letterheads.

In a letter to Mzembi, ZPP said the use of related names, colors and symbols by the People’s Party is a “poor political practice” which is likely to confuse voters in future elections.

“We note with concern, the use of part of our name by your new political formation which you and your team decided to call the People’s Party (PP.

“Use of similar names, logo colours and letterhead concepts as you and your team adopted is not the best way to go in politics especially when you want voters to have clear choices of candidates on a ballot paper,” said the aggrieved party in a statement.

ZPP further alleges that the Mzembi led party knew about their existence prior to adopting its name, symbols and colors.

“We note that our party Zimbabwe People’s Party (ZPP) entered Zimbabwe’s political scene in June 2019 while your party People’s Party (PP) entered the scene in November 2019.  Also, note that our party, Zimbabwe People’s Party (ZPP) completed ZEC notification in October 2019 before your formation came into being,” the statement further alleges.

However, in their defence, PP said it stood guided by ZEC rules and regulations and that the approval by the electoral commission meant there was nothing amiss.

“Beyond the fact that the claims ludicrous, People’s Party and Zimbabwe People’s Party are as different as night and day. All political parties notify ZEC of their existence who in turn carry out necessary checks and acknowledge.

“The fact that they acknowledged as per their November 2019 letter to the People’s Party means they didn’t have an issue with it. This is just a case of disruption by the little known Zimbabwe People Party,” the party’s Secretary-General, Lloyd Msipa told 263Chat.

This is not an alien case though as there have been other cases tabled before the electoral commission.

The most recent one involved the case of Movement for Democratic Change Zimbabwe which came into existence last year, and resembles the Nelson Chamisa led MDC in its name.

Asked on why ZEC allowed new parties to choose a name that resembles one that already exists, as in this case, ZEC Commissioner Qhubani Moyo said that was a problem for legislators to resolve at a law-making level.

He further stated that; “Where parties have similar names and differ acronyms they’re considered different parties.”

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