My Brand Is Bigger Than Nash TV: Passion Java

With Passion Java’s rival, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, gone, the controversial cleric might be in search for the latter’s replacement if his sentiments on live radio yesterday are anything to go by.

Endless verbal jabs between Passion and Ginimbi had kept Zimbabwe social media ablaze, something that the United States cleric confessed to being a key ingredient to his recent fame.

However, with Ginimbi gone, Java took a few strokes at businessman and Nash Paints/TV boss Tinashe Mutarisi.

“I never bought viewership numbers for my online shows (Gara Mumba Iwe Concerts), I don’t even know how it’s done. If it is possible to buy viewership numbers why is it that Mutarisi doesn’t do so? He has the money and drives a Tesla, he would definitely afford to buy some this was possible.

“The incorporation of my name with Gara Mumba Iwe Concerts sold the show to people. I’m a bigger brand compared to Nash,” said Java.

The clergyman also added that at some point he wanted to fight the Nash TV boss until Zimdancehall chanter, Jah Master, came to Mutarisi’s rescue.

“Hello Mwari is my song, but when it was performed on Nash TV’s Colour Vibes, Jah Master’s mention of my name at the beginning of the song was removed. I was so aggrieved by this and told Nash that I wanted to deal with him for a good week. However, Jah Master chipped in reproving us from escalating the matter,” he said

Java is currently reviving his record label, Passion Java Records, which will be headed by seasoned crooner, Rockford “Roki” Josphats.




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