My 2 Cents on Zimbabwean Musicians (Vema dhu dhu cha)

I think it is time I start telling my musician friends the truth. It is time for me to tell Zimbabwean artists why they will forever be curtain raisers at other international artists shows in their own country. I bet if the promoters had a choice they would bring a full international act. Nyika rudzii inoti every year we celebrate one artist, Tuku and we even call him “international super star.” Dai ana Sulu nana Jah Mukudzei vasina kuuya then what? Musicians complain “hatina mari,” yes, cause we do not want to pay to get into your crap shows where you are playing crap songs giving a junk performance. Pasi pano I have 2 artists I have always been honest with Alexio Kawara na Blessing Chimanga, they have always welcomed my criticism and honai ma career avo, umwe haana gumbo asi he is racking it in. Alexio well on his way to the top and I have watched blessing grow from being a back up singer/drummer into a head liner.

Star FM Breakfast Club has yavanoti rate it or hate it. I used to love it until I realised hatisi kuvakana. We have never sat these musicians down and said the reason Zimbabwe radio is monotonous and plays the same music all day long is because we keep applauding junk music. We always complain when people compare my artist friends to other African artists hanzi “asi vane mari,” well for the record Black Motion in South Africa produce all their music in a shack they built at one of the guys parents house in a ghetto.

I write this because at the end of the day it hurts to always praise ana Davido when they release master pieces like “Aye” isu tiine such a strong bank talent in Zimbabwe. I also want to show off with more than Tuku vanhu weh. Stop sending me links to a song you uploaded uchiziva kuti it is not a master piece. My advice to you is this is your career this is your job, if it is not the right quality to win a Grammy work on it zvinoita. Go for gold, aim to compete on an international stage and trust me, isu ma fans we will sell you. All my friends vanouya from out of the country I buy them a copy ye CD ya Alexio, $10 kudhura kwainoita, because I am proud to show my friend off. Please can you all put me in the position where I am a fan not a friend supporting a friend due to allegiance.

“Brotherhood is a two way street, to accept it’s advantages you have to live by it’s obligations.”


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