Mutsvangwa Is Lying: Prof Moyo

Mutsvangwa Is Lying: Prof Moyo

Former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has trashed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s top ally Christopher Mutsvangwa over his recent claims that he did not support command agriculture.

Mutsvangwa was quoted in a local weekly saying he opposed the command agriculture programme being bankrolled by Sakunda Energy claiming it was meant to facilitate state capture.

“He is lying that he was opposed to command agriculture!” Moyo wrote on twitter yesterday.

Moyo added that the highly hyped agriculture program christened Command Agriculture was employed as a scape goat to drain the fiscal through the issuance of Treasury Bills used to finance the power transition last November leaving the country’s economy crawling with an estimated 20 billion debt.

“I’m not Jesus. But there was no evil greater than command agriculture which was used to steal billions from the people of Zimbabwe through fraudulent TBs to bankroll a military coup for which @MthuliNcube now wants Zimbabweans to pay for via his extortionate 2% transaction tax!”

The MDC President Nelson Chamisa is on record pleading with parliament to institute an inquiry into the debt he alleges never benefited the populace.

Professor Moyo denied allegations that he stole resources for the command agriculture instead pointing blame on former finance minister Patrick Chinamasa for sponsoring the programme albeit in a fraudulent manner.

“We did not steal a cent from command agriculture. Like other farmers, we paid for the inputs we got. But billions were stolen from the programme via fraudulent Lacoste TBs issued by Chinamasa and via Sakunda’s overcharging farmers for fuel, seed, and fertilizer and chemical inputs!”


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