‘Mutare Water Woes Coming To An End’

MUTARE– City council management says it has made significant steps to retire the perennial water challenges in Dangamvura, after taking delivery of the first batch of equipment for the project.

Municipality management yesterday received the first truck of reinforced water pipes from South Africa, which had been scheduled for April but had been disturbed by the ongoing international travel restriction imposed due to the Corona virus pandemic.

For over two decades residents in Mutare’s biggest suburb in area and population have been receiving water rations, with some areas completely dry, after the then city management had misused the funds earmarked for this projects.

Mutare Mayor Blessing Tandi says this good is emanating from the massive support that has been shown by residents and ratepayers who have significantly improved their payments to the local authority.

Tandi said council’s capacity to meet service delivery needs has been greatly improved by improved revenue collection, which was triggered by a rates promotion the city ran, which culminated in two lucky residents winning stands.

He said due to these positive developments the water supply problems should be put to rest by December, barring an unexpected delays in delivery of the remaining materials.

“Good news is coming in to Dangamvura residents on the issue of water supply. We are determined to retire the perennial water supply challenges in Dangamvura.

“The water pipes to upgrade our water conveyance infrastructure has been procured, we had been anticipating delivery of the pipes in April but due to COVID travel restrictions it has been delayed, but now we are almost there.

“Although these delays have been there delays are not denials and our target is that by December we should be raining water supply in Dangamvura,” said Thandi.

Finance Director Blessing Chafesuka also paid tribute to ratepayers which vastly improved the revenue collections of the council from a record low 30 percent of monthly billing to up 65 percent of monthly billing.

Chafesuka said due to these improved collections council has made significant investment including procuring utility vehicles, stands servicing as well as procurement of the water infrastructure.

He however urged residents to pay off their debts to council as the municipality still needs US$400 000 to complete the water infrastructure.

“For 2019 our collections improved from an average of 30 percent of billing to an average 60 to 65 percent per month. While 60 percent is not enough, it improve our service delivery and we could do quite a lot.

“I am happy to report that our engagement with residents is paying off…you can imagine what we will get to achieve if we get hundred percent, we can change the face of this city.

“In terms of results besides the 60 percent we managed to register significant progress in terms of projects which includes servicing residential areas.

“There is progress that we have registered in terms of putting in place preparation for Dangamvura but the Engineer also advises me that we still need an additional US$400 000 and if all residents in Dangamvura pay off their debt, by 31 December this year that water problem will be over,” said Chafesuka.

On other capital projects council intends to buy a new bulldozer for land filling, procure three more refuse collection trucks, buy new tipper trucks and a road grader to service roads instead of substitute outsourcing.

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