Mukupe Rallies Youths to Join Politics

Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Terence Mukupe has rallied youths to join politics saying there is need for young people to take part and provide technical ability to government which is currently composed of older people.

Speaking at the Global Shapers Zimbabwe Youth Awards 2018 held in the capital yesterday, Mukupe encouraged youth not to shy away from politics if they are to be successful.

“l just want to encourage the young people and l am hoping that come 2023 there will be more of youth who will become like me in politics.

“When the former president Robert Mugabe became president in 1980,we had the youngest cabinet ever,l remember president Mnangagwa was around 20s and Joice Mujuru was around 22 at the present moment Mnangagwa have the oldest cabinet.

“The problem that you have is that young people,the educated ones who have to offer in terms of technical ability shy away from politics thinking that you are too smart,” said Mukupe.

He also urged youth to submit their Curriculum Vitae for the coming 2018 primary elections no matter how learned they are.

“You have to lose yourself and get out of your comfort zone, if you are not going to put yourself in a position where when the president of the country has to come up with a cabinet without young people,you have to blame your self.

“We are going through our primaries and we are surprised with some of the CVs of people who want to become Members of Parliaments and Councilors.

“l was hoping to see smartly dressed people with degrees but you all relegate yourselves to become analysts,” added Mukupe.

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