Mugabe’s Reign of Terror Is Back: Chamisa


The MDC President, Nelson Chamisa has described the arrest of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) officials in Harare yesterday as a demonstration of fear of the people by the new dispensation.

ZCTU called for a national demonstration against the new financial reforms which have triggered sharp hike in prices of basic commodities sending people into panic spending.

The planned demonstration could not continue as police barricaded the union’s head office in Harare and arrested its leadership who reportedly spend a night at Harare Central Police Station.

Posting on his micro blog twitter, late Thursday evening Chamisa said the arrest of ZCTU President and other officials around the country signaled the return of dictatorship which characterized the former leader, Mugabe’s 37 year reign.

“The arrest of ZCTU President Mutasa and other labour leaders by the police confirms that abuse of the past is back.

“The recent continuous heavy deployment of police in Harare CBD is evidence of fear. The guilty are afraid.  Force and terror are short lived tools of the weak,” he said.


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