Mugabe challenges Chinamasa’s decision

President Mugabe has challenged Finance Minister’s decision to suspend civil servants bonuses for the next years saying that cabinet was not consulted on the issue.

This follows Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa’s decision to scrap civil servants’ annual bonuses for the next two years claiming that the move will create fiscal space to stimulate full economic recovery.

Clearly Chinamasa’s efforts to reduce the puffed-up wage bill have since become fruitless.

Addressing thousands of Zimbabweans at the National Sports Stadium, on Saturday, the President said the civil servants bonuses will stay.

“The presidency was never consulted on the matter, we were never consulted the three of us myself and the two vice presidents,” said President Mugabe.

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In a direct attack to the Minister of Finance’s decision , the President said , “We say that is disgusting to us  it will never be implemented at all, so let the civil servants be not down hearted that will not happen.”

Despite an outstanding $13, 4 million bonus obligation to state universities, the 91 year old Zimbabwean leader vowed that the bonuses suspension initiative will not be implemented.

“I want to make it clear that the report which was in the newspapers, saying bonuses were being withdrawn is not happening. The cabinet did not approve that at all. It will not be implemented, he said.

The Zanu PF leader revealed that bonuses are a right the civil servants are entitled to enjoy.

“When government bestows a benefit on civil servants that benefit cannot be withdrawn because it has become a right. That is a rule governing the handling of public service.

“When they are given a benefit we cannot reverse because it is their right and that is what we stand by, so your bonuses are coming,” said Mugabe.

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