Mugabe blamed for “vendorising” the nation

President Robert Mugabe has been blamed for the skyrocketing number of vendors who are flooding the streets of Harare and the country at large.

As the economic situation continues to deteriorate, vendors have become a common sight on most of the major streets in Harare. This is the state of the economy that has been replicated across the nation’s towns and growth points.

The state of the economy also reflects accurately the 35 years of the President Mugabe’s misrule.

Mugabe who has been sitting on the Zimbabwean throne for 35 years is allegedly said to have paved way for the growing number of vendors on the streets.

This was revealed by Vince Musewe, an economist, during a public forum organised by Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) last week to delineate the notion: Zimbabwe at 35 from the formal to the informal economy and implications going forward.

“We have so many people in the informal sector because of one political decision.

“Mugabe’s will to stay in power has seen many people suffering,” he said.

In 2000, faced with political crisis President Mugabe ordered the invasion of white-owned farms, leading to an economic collapse and hyper-inflation at 250 million percent by 2008.

“In doing so Mugabe decimated Agriculture which was employing over 1.2 million people.

“Many people who lost their jobs after the land invasions migrated to town where they have been forced into vending for survival,” Musewe said.

Musewe contends that the country is not where it is by coincidence.

“We are not where we are by mistake; we are here because of that political blunder made by one person.

“Mugabe’s government is happy to live in this environment and they are celebrating this chaos,” he said.

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